• Write the newsletter

    Simply login to the system & make a newsletter right into your personlized template. All in WYSIWYG: You see
    what they’ll get!

  • Select your lists

    With one click you can choose to which series of people you send your newsletter. And you can have as much lists
    as you want.

  • Send

    Straight away, or scheduled whenever you want. And of course you can test and finetune as much
    as you want.


About Tember

Tember is definitely the easiest emailing system around. It is aimed at people who want to make newsletters fast and easy, without having to know a lot of technical stuff. And it is just plain logic.

After being confronted with the need of a decent emailingsystem that allowed our clients to send newsletters themselves, we started testing all the systems in the market. We found out that most of them were pretty expensive and most others were way too technical to send a simple newsletter.
That’s when we found Tember.

Read more about the features of Tember below

Tember is used by quite some organizations & businesses. Below some of them.

Try it for free

Yep, that’s right!

Because we’re so convinced about our system, you can try it for free.
We’ll offer you a 1 month trial, with a limit 3 newsletters to a max. of 500 people.
We’ll also setup a free standard template with your logo.
Just fill in the form, and you’ll receive a login and password, and you’ll get access to our system.

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Some features...

Create and send

Sending a newsletter should be easy: write it and send it. At least, that's our approach.
That's why we keep things pretty simple: typ your text, add links and pictures, and send.
No need for complex stuff, no html, no templates to adapt.
Simple, your text, and a send button.

Manage your contact lists

Nothing is more complicated than keeping track of those subscriber lists on your pc. That's why we integrates an straight forward system to maintain different lists, with different subscribers.
You can have as many lists as you prefer. That's easy when you want to 'target' specific groups, like prospects, clients, ... .

Through a subscribe form on your site, people can subscribe themselves.

Analyze the results

So, the newsletter was sent. And now? Unlike sending your newsletter through mail and not knowing who opened it or not, out system shows you the results. How many people clicked, opened or send it to a friend? You can even check who opened it.
You can compare campaigns and for the numbers freaks, you can link your campaign to Google Analytics. That way, you can track the subscriber through your website.

On top of that we have extra tools to optimize your newsletter. There is A/B testing: send the same newsletter in lay-outs. Which one was the most effective. That way you can figure out whuch lay-outs and text to use the next time.

Custom made designs

Standard a pre-made template with your logo is provided. You can choose from different templates.
This template is integrated in the system, so you don't need to do anything.
We also offer custom made templates, designed according to your wishes.

Social media: Facebook, Twitter & Send to a friend integration

Nothing is better than mouth-to-mouth advertisments.
That's why we integrated Facebook Like, and Tweet this.
On top of that you can also add ‘Send to a friend’.
This is certainly a small but very effective add-on.

Simple ‘how-to’ & support

Although the system is pretty straight forward, help is offered through the system.

Still confused about something? No worries. You can contact the support team from within the system.

Click here to get an overview of all the features

All the features...

Create and send newsletters

  • - Design, using your favorite tools
  • - Make auto responders
  • - Automatically moves CSS inline
  • - Build re-usable templates
  • - Personalization
  • - Send in any timezone
  • - Free campaign archive
  • - No ugly links or logo's linking to us
  • - Google analytics integration
  • - Images are hosted on our servers.
  • - Import with a single click
  • - A/B split testing
  • - Check screenshots of different mailclients
  • - Wysiwyg editor
  • - Forward to a vriend
  • - Social sharing
  • - Get through spamfilters easily

Manage your contact lists

  • - Unlimited number of lists
  • - Customize the subscribing process
  • - Manage preferences
  • - Customize the unsubscribing process
  • - Segmentation
  • - Track list growth via RSS
  • - Subscribe form for your site
  • - Confirmed opt-ins
  • - Custom fields
  • - Export to Excel
  • - Flexible import process

Analyze the results

  • - Great looking interactive charts
  • - Open and click tracking
  • - Unsubscribe reports
  • - Track conversions and ROI
  • - Full activity of each subscriber
  • - Check bounce reports
  • - Google Analytics integration
  • - Forward to a friend reports
  • - See which email client subscribers are using
  • - Spam complain reports
  • - Compare multiple campaigns
  • - Export reports to excel


Standard templates (included in a Tember account)

When choosing our system, you get a free standard template.
We'll insert your logo, install it in the system and you can start sending campaigns.

Our templates are tested for all important email clients, like apple mail, outlook, gmail, hotmail, etc.

Adaptation of a standard template (150 euro)

Sometimes, inserting a logo is just not enough. You want some other adaptations, like different colors, or another font.
That's possible, for a small fee.

Custom made template (600 euro)

A custom made template is being built from scratch: based upon the house style or guidelines, we design a template like the one you have in mind.
After approval of the design, we translate it into a working template, and test it in different mail clients.

Request your template


Transparant pricing

We don't like complex and obscure pricing. You'll know exactly what we offer, and what you pay.
Below you'll find our pricing

Per newsletter you'll pay:

10 euro + 3 cent per subscriber.

An example: for 1000 subscribers this equals: 10 euro + 30 euro = 40 euro.

Monthly rate

Are you sending multiple newsletters a month? Then our monthly subscription might be interesting for you.

  • Flatrate up til 500 subscribers: 30 euro/month
  • up til 2500 subscribers: 60 euro/month
  • up til 5000 subscribers: 110 euro/month

More subscribers? Mail us, and we'll look if you eligible for bulk prices.

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